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Achieve Results: ┬áMeasurable Behavior Change  


Shhhhhh, it's a secret:

Your metrics should back your methods.

How do you know if your promotional education is increasing the market share for your brand? Unless you do a prescription audit, you can't know for sure. But you can measure important precursors such as knowledge gain, confidence shifts, and intent to change behavior.

Such metrics are at the heart of the Arbor Scientia Group's medical education programs. We measure not just how much an HCP may know at the end of a program, but how much MORE they know BECAUSE of the program, as well as their confidence in this knowledge and their intention to use it to help them in their practice.

We have measured results that substantiate our ability to extend Rx level outcomes after an educational initiative has taken place.

Acquire. Measure. Assure.

Show you're making an impact.

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